The following participated in Dominic Michaelis Associates
and Solar Energy Developments Projects :-
Bob Bennett
Polly Bide
Alex Billeter
Gilles Bouchez
Chris Brandon
Jan Brandon
Michael Buckley
Sarah Chapman
Fanny Cobbe
Richard Ferraro
John Field
Roger Francis
Mark Greene
Sally Greenhill Hooper
Douglas Harding
Marcus Hepworth
Koku Konu
Stephen LeRoith
Nick Lloyd
Bernard McNelis
Paul Notley
Julian Nott
Zaira de Oliveira
David Oppenheim
Noi Panichboon
Jonathan Park
Jenny Sargeant
Giovanni Simoni
Tim Stapleton
Trevor Stevens
Stephen Szokolay
David Turrent
Laurie Vowler
and many others (please e mail if not included)
whose work made their ideas become realities.
Many faithful clients helped them in their research
Particularly, Dr Roy Swayne of Calor Gas,
Luigi Cuozzo of APRE, Rome,
Andrew Steele of Gillespie Steele, Barbados
and Frek and Vanessa Vreeland.
Peter Rice of Ove Arup encouraged their work on flexible
wave energy converters.
In more recent work on Energy Island, Fred Kohl and
Jerome Tomasi have brought knowledge and enthusiasm,
as has Trevor Cooper-Chadwick of
the Engineering Faculty of the University of Southampton.
Inspiration was boosted by Hiram Winterbotham at the outset,
and by the painter Roberto Matta who organised for them
a solar happening in Florence, a solar conference in Naples
and painted a large tryptich for the HQ boardroom
of their client AGIP Jacorossi.
Alex Michaelis, has stood by many recent
projects as director of Energy Island Limited
and given the help of his London architectural office.
Stéphane Michaelis has been equally supportive as director of
Solar Energy Limited, and has set up the present website.