Biography Dominic Michaelis


Architect and Engineer
MA Cantab. MSc Cornell
Royal Institute of British Architects

1938 Born, Neuilly sur Seine, France
1954 GCSE O, A and S levels. Downside School.
1955 / 1956 Baccalaureate Part 1. Marists, Toulon, France.
Baccalaureate, Experimental Sciences, Lycée Janson,Paris
1956 / 1957 Sciences Po, Paris. ( Sciences Po swimming team. ) Univ of Salamanca.

1957 /1958 Major Scholarship, Trinity College, Cambridge
Tripos part 1. Modern Languages. First Class.
Guest Editor: Cambridge Opinion.
1959 Summer Cross Africa Voyage
1959 / 1964 Diploma of Architecture, Cambridge University.
Thesis :- Solar Housing.
Juxtaposition:- Abbeys of Le Thoronet and La Tourette.
1964 / 1965 Diploma of Engineering, Cambridge University.
1965 / 1966 MSc. Architectural Structures and Town Planning.( Colin Rowe)
University of Cornell. USA.
Thesis:- Behaviour under load of sandwich hyperbolic paraboloid shells.

1966 / 1968 Joined Ove Arup, but was persuaded to become :
Architect with Arup Associates. London.
IBM Headquarters Complex, Havant.
Biochemistry Laboratory, Cambridge.
1968 / 1969 Project and Construction of a passive solar house in Rustrel, Vaucluse, France.
Practice:- Michaelis Park Associates.
1969 / 1970 Architect with Richard and Sue Rogers. Work on Burrell Competition.
Brief of Beaubourg and site visit. Job Architect for UOP Fragrances, Epsom.
Prefabricated Housing, Ciba-Geigy.

1970 / 1972 Project and construction of a glass solar house, corten steel structure, Wooton Underwood, Buckinghamshire, for Sir Stephen Grey..
L shaped corten steel frame house, Rycote Park, Oxford.
Solar hot air balloon project. 22 meter diameter prototype.
Twin skin solar balloon flies without gas burners. It will cross the channel on solar energy alone in 1981, piloted by Julian Nott.

1972 / 1974 Practice:- Dominic Michaelis Associates, London. Construction of Solar Energy Laboratory, Fulmer Research.
R + D for Calor Gas. Compact chemical heat of fusion storage in solar water and space heating systems designed for housing.
Integration of these systems in 9 “active” solar houses, in Solar Court, Milton Keynes.
Construction of 3 passive solar houses, Solar Court, MKDC.

1974 Creation of Solar Energy Developments.
This new partnership, sharing the same offices as the architectural practice, is an R+D multi-disciplinary consultancy, grouping architects and scientists. It is linked by modem to the computer system of Ove Arup and Partners.
Solar Dome. 50 meters diameter. Mylar. Featured with solar balloon in “Human”, film of Jérome Laperousaz with Terence Stamp and Jeanne Moreau.
Cyclodome project with Gilles Bouchez.
Saint Anthonys’ College, Oxford. New Wing. Correspondent Architect for Oscar Niemeyer.

1975 Ecological Exhibition Home, “Ideal Home”, Milton Keynes.
Solar warm air house, Lioux, Vaucluse.
1976 50 passive Solar houses, Low Energy Park, Milton Keynes.
Ambient Energy Feature. Olympia. Exhibition of Renewable Energy Systems. Opened by the Queen and Prince Phillip.
Committee member of ISES (UK), which organises the UK contributions to Solar congresses in Brighton, Atlanta and New Dehli.
1979 Invention of a Wave Energy Converter based on twin flexible membranes. Patent negotiated with Dunlop. Development work on wave project initially with Peter Rice of Ove Arup and Partners.
Plans and Construction of a Polytechnic School in Barbados,
with Andrew Steele. Use of solar energy and marine breezes for passive air conditionning of the complex.

1977 / 1980 Consultants to AGIP Spa, in connection with their energy saving program in the built environment. Planning and construction of a block of 50 flats at Barbaricina, near Pisa.
Solar hot water and space heating by “greenhouse- balconies”.
Scheme selected by the EC as part of their “Project Monitor” program. In parralel, design and construction of 50 solar flats
at Taverne d’Alba, near Siena.

1980 / 1983 4 experimental solar houses in Melun Sénart,France.
HOT 5 national competition laureate.
Winning project Solstice 2 for 100 solar houses for Kaufmann and Broad, 5000 house national competition. with G. Bouchez.
Design and construction of an office HQ building for AGIP- JACOROSSI in Rome. Two roof mounted air / water heat pumps driven by gas engines with heat recovery jackets efficiently provide energy for heating and air conditionning.
Design and construction, Vreeland House, Marrakech. Pisé walls are lined externally with hollow bricks used to create solar chimneys and a double envelope, for heating and cooling modes. Hot water and swimming pool heating with solar panels.
Exhibition "Ideal Home" Solar House, 1981 Milton Keynes.

1983 / 1986 Design and factory / offices for JEL, Stockport. First joint RIBA, CIBSE and RICS award.
Ecological building, opened by Prince Charles. Scheme selected
for the EC Project Monitor program.
With Mario and Antonio Nervi, Shade Net Stadium in Riyadh.
Design and construction of Calor Centre in Plymouth. Solar hot water, low energy by compact plan and “temperature cascades”
For Butterworth Publishing, preparation of the manuscript:-
” The Solar Option “ ( Editor:- Gavin Brown.)

1986 / 1991 For the EC, design and construction of 5 health centres in Mali,
Nioro region. The construction is of high thick pisé walls supporting thin concrete vaults, covered with purpose made tiles ensuring air circulation and shading of the vaults. Window
openings are provided with porous water cooling jars.
Concept and Design, Ecodome. Ecological education leisure and learning centre. Planning permission granted by the City of Chesterfield. With Rupert Carr and Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Ecodome Project, Csepel Island, Budapest.

1991 / 1997 Consultant to Noor Web, Marrakech. Solar rural electrification program for Morocco.
Poster presentation of the Twin Membrane Wave Energy Converter at the 1995 Wave Energy Congress in Lisbon.
Development and prototype construction and testing for Ecoboom Ltd of an improved boom system for oil disaster protection. Collaboration on the wave energy systemwith Peter Rice ceaszd with his death in 1992
Design, development and testing of a solar oven for use mainly
in the developing world. Using upgraded packaging materials and techniques, to achieve low costs, the oven cooks at over 200°C , can boil water for hygiene, and heat autoclave sterilisers to the correct temperatures. Innovation Award ECMA 2000.

1998 / 2001 Design and development of a solar distillation system.
UK patent taken up by Inventorlink Ltd. Prototype
tested in summer 2001.
Translation into French and updating of “The Solar Option”.
Environmental Consultant, Cairo Lycée Project. Winning submission with Gilles Bouchez, architect.
Energy Island 7 page article published in IOA Summer Newsletter.

2002/2003 Energy Island project and patent application. Article published in IOA Spring 2002 Newsletter.
Work on Solar Cookers. Field test of 100 units set up with EMACE in Sri Lanka refugee camps.
Solar distillation unit prototype development and testing.testing.
Presentation of Energy Island at OWEMES conference, Naples.
Design of 5 Mwe Energy Island test unit with Dr A Jagadeesh, India.
2003/2011 Creation of Energy Island Limited. Energy Island link established with Southampton University School of Engineering Sciences. Contacts :- Professor Ajit Shenoi. Dr Paul McDonald.
Link up with Michaelis Boyd, Architects, to advance the Energy Island concept.
2004. Publication in « Stereoscopy », Vol 30 No 6 of article on « Bilateral Vision Fields, Srereoscopy used as indicator. »
Presentation of Energy Island at Rome World Energy Conference, 2007.
Selection of Energy Island by US Discovery TV channel fo their program :
« Ten ways to save the Planet »
Simultanous publication of articles on « Energy Island » in the Telegraph and The Guardian, January 2008.

2008. Presentation of Energy Island at Biomarine Conference, Marseille.
Constitution of Energy Island Team, including Noble Denton, marine engineers, The Halcrow Group, power engineers, and Parsons Brinkerhoff, a leader in the development and operation of infrastructure to meet the needs of communities around the world.
Dr Luis Vega, a world authority on OTEC, is also part of the Team, and has, over and beyond general consultancy services, recently contributed the concept design for a 50 MW OTEC plant.
Design of a 10 MW OTEC system in the Philippines for Bell Pirie, to provide electricity to 100 000 people.
2009-12 Link with David Harris of Global Power and Water, Hong Kong, leading to setting n Energy Island, Asia.
Presentation of Energy Island at Conferences in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Continuation of work on the Twin Membrane Wave Energy Converter.
Interest in Wind Energy, with entry to the Carbon Trust Offshore Foundations Competition with the Halcrow Group, June 2009, following on from work carried out on floating wind generators with Southampton University School of Engineering Sciences.
Link with Mbacké Niang to contribute Energy Island technology to Senegal.
Link with Jonathan Grech of Silex Developments.
Project of Adriatic Energy Island with Johnaton Grech, Claudio Barbarisi, Gianni and Cristina Benetti.
2015 Article in OpEd News: " Ocean thermal energy conversion can slow Climate Change.":
Patent Application : " Ammonia vapour and liquid circuits."

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